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The Domino Ensemble has kept an active series of performances throughout the years. The programming includes a healthy balance between commissions, ensemble originals and selections of the new music repertoire. 

Through online and in person workshops the Ensemble promotes and stimulates the creation of new music. Since its inception the group has received grants from the Nora Roberts foundation and the Tennessee Arts commission to develop programs in public educational institutions. In these programs, we worked with composers of all ages both individual and group settings. 

Some of the artists that offered free workshops in these series are (in no particular order): Joo Won Park, Tim Feeney, Richard Barrett, Valeria Mignaco, Ed Sarath, Jordan Munson, Sean McCollough, Ames Asbell and among others. 

The recently incorporated Variego3 is a chamber jazz trio inspired by the Giuffre3. A group that proposes an intimate sound that combines chamber music with improvisation. This trio is the “jazziest” outlet of the ensemble. 

The trio has featured renown musicians such as (in no particular order): Jon Hamar (bass), Mark Boling (guitar), Jack Roben (guitar), Rob Linton (bass), Margherita Fava (piano) and Jorge Variego (clarinets). 

A vital goal of the ensemble is to stimulate the creation of new music through call for scores. In 2020 the ensemble selected 13 new works out of 50 total submissions. A portion of the selected compositions have been recorded and will be the core of the album “New Works for Clarinet and Viola Volume 1”. This Album includes: 


Village Song 

    Geoffrey Halgas


Three Cartoons for viola and bass clarinet 

    Piotr Szewczyk


Duplicitous isolation

    Sabastian Birch


… and all that jazz …

    Brian Field


Reluctant dancer

    Aaron Hunt

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