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Recompensa (2023)

Recompensa is the latest release of the Variego3 project in trio format. With Jorge Variego (clarinets and compositions), Jack Roben (guitar) and Rob Linton (bass).

New Music from el Rio de la Plata (2022)

New Music from el Rio de la Plata is the ensemble’s collaboration with Amsterdam-based bandoneonist Matías Pedrana. This recording was in part possible with the support of a Bailey Opportunity Grant awarded to the ensemble in 2021.  

Drunken Raccoon (2020)

Drunken Raccoon is the ensemble’s most recent exploration in trio format that fuses elements of tango, jazz, free improvisation and electronics. The EP includes two new works that feature the soprano saxophone, Drunken Raccoon and Polish Vodka, a Tango Blues, a personal homage to Anthony Braxton in Free Fugue, and a newly commissioned work by a young composer, The March, by Kris Monson that incorporates live electronics. 

Purple Ego (2019)

Purple Ego is the Ensemble’s first album with Centaur Records. With Jorge Variego (clarinets and compositions), Mark Boling (guitar), Jon Hamar (double bass) and Keith Brown (drums). 

Goes Free (2021)

“Goes Free” is a project where free improvisation becomes a bridge for inclusion. The album is made out of freely improvised versions of compositions written by enslaved-born composers. The selection contains works by Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780), Thomas Greene “Blind Tom’ Wiggins (1849-1908), and Basile Barés (1845-1902). The bonus track “Jan” offers a short duo introspection. 


Cullen Burke (synth and live electronics) 
Hunter Deacon (drumset) 
Matt Nelson (double bass) 
Jorge Variego (soprano and tenor saxophone) 

"Domino Ensemble's new EP [Goes Free] is creative, well produced

This EP is incredibly well-produced, revealing the band's ability to perform unrestrained, but without falling into the trap of self-indulgence, which at times seems to plague some improvisational artists. What I mean is that sometimes, artists seem to play for the sake of showing off rather than to serve the composition, but this is definitely not the case here, as Goes Free is a testament to the band's focus on achieving unity and create a really good experience for the audience, serving the music as opposed to only serving themselves." JAZZ CORNER (2021)

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